You may have noticed some unusual activity going on at the Miller Bakehouse Museum on Baal Street in Palmyra, home of the Melville History Society.

The bakery was built in 1935 and restored in 1988 by the City of Melville. It is now undergoing some renovations.

As of 19 August 2019, the Miller Bakehouse Museum will be closed for about 8 to 10 weeks.

The museum holds some great historic items that are being carefully stored during this time using techniques meeting museum standards and documentation for archiving. The items were handled with care and stored in acid free boxes and handled with gloves.

Previous work undertaken on the Miller Bakehouse Museum

Melville History Society is committed to preserving and sharing our local history and culture and we encourage you to get involved, contribute or learn about our wonderful past 

so our history is not forgotten.

Melville History Society Inc.
Miller Bakehouse Museum
7 Baal Street, Palmyra WA 6157, Australia